Bowie & Hutch
The Book
“Hutch’s story is a fabulous journey that takes him from hometown Scarborough to the Marquee Club in London 1966 to the Hammersmith Odeon farewell concert 1973 - via Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. From a 'buzz around London' to worldwide hysteria… in the company of David Bowie. Jealous? Me?” Marc Riley BBC Radio 6 Music
Hutch Music      
‘Standing Room’ - A video performance by John Hutch Hutchinson and his band The Sultans of Thwing at Queens Hotel in Bridlington in October 2016.
John 'Hutch' Hutchinson Taylor 322ce acoustic guitar and vocals
Chris Lea Acoustic Bass
John Horton Gretsch archtop acoustic guitar and backing vocals
Hayley 'Hutchinson' Forrest Drums and backing vocals (Sultana of Thwing)
"It occurred to me only quite recently that time may well be running out and therefore it was probably high time that I recorded and published a few of my latest songs with my band of friends The Sultans of Thwing – and with the essential help of my talented daughter Hayley and son-in-law Sam Forrest."
‘Standing Room’ is a track from the forthcoming 2016 release on the Desert Mine Music label : a six tracks ep ‘Old Hat’ by John Hutch Hutchinson - and friends and family.
  Old Hat  
1. Nuthin’ ‘bout the Blues c 2014
2. My Churlish Ways c 2016
3. Bed of Roses c 2016
4. Joe won’t Dance c 2008
5. Standing Room c 2016
6. The Spaceman Blues c 2016
Hutch Vocals and Acoustic Guitars Taylor 322ce, 412ce & Cordoba Gitano and Telecaster track 6
Chris Lea Acoustic Bass
John Horton Resonator Slide tracks 1 & 6
John Cambridge Drums
Hayley Hutchinson Forrest Backing Vocals, and Drums tracks 2 & 3
Produced and mixed by Sam Forrest
All ‘Old Hat’ songs written and sung by John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson

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